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  2011.01.14  22.08

everyone else has been talking about trying to come back to lj. i just havent found anything to write about in a long time. :( i feel like i get all my stupid out all day on fb and twitter but maybe i will try again.


  2010.08.23  12.59

Doing stuff


  2010.08.16  17.18



  2010.07.26  14.54
listen to kh streamed from terminal 5 show



  2010.07.19  05.08

Haven't updated in a few weeks. Appolgise for that.

I feel like I don't have too to say since I'm always yapping on twitter and facebook all day. I promise a real update soon.

Still waiting to hear back about the investigation about the car. Sounds though like it was reported in time though. Wonder if my brother is gunna get arrested in the long run. Going on day 5 without eating dairy. God its so hard. I debated the just having it one a week but I gotta hold to this


  2010.07.03  22.31

thanks for the additional 700 hits today guys, keep it going so we can make some more donations for matthew! every 100 hits is another dollar in the matthew leone medical fund so visit the link often and click on any article to regiester a hit, www.examiner.com/x-1823-chicago-indie-music-examiner


  2010.07.02  17.55
july proceeds to benefit donation fund for leone's medical care

for the month of july and maybe longer if it takes that, i will be donating my entire proceeds from my indie column for the medical care fund for matthew leone. our pay scale is based on hits so per every 100 hits, $1 will be raised in donations so share the link and visit often to generate as many dollars in donations as we can! thanks! http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-1823-Chicago-Indie-Music-Examiner~y2010m7d2-Donations-for-Leone-MazesHotel-Brotherhood-Cairo-Gang-among-concerts-to-catch


  2010.07.02  01.01
arrest made in leone attack



  2010.07.01  00.09



  2010.06.28  12.02
corgan called 'mentor'

check out mat devines interview last night on local 101



  2010.06.26  00.05

examiner is hiring for the following sections in chicago edition:

see something you like? apply and give me as reference by putting chicago indie music examiner and kill hannah examiner. with referal you always always get someone that checks out the application unless you look like a total moron

Chicago African-American Pop Culture Examiner
Chicago Architecture Foundation Examiner
Chicago Charity Benefits Examiner
Chicago College of Performing Arts Examiner
Chicago Country Music Examiner
Chicago Crime TV Examiner
Chicago Drums Examiner
Chicago Event Photography Examiner
Chicago Gospel Music Examiner
Chicago History Museum Examiner
Chicago Piano Examiner
Chicago Theater Examiner
Chicago Women's Literature Examiner

apply at examiner.com


  2010.06.24  00.12
kill hananh and smashing pumpkins on the same tour?



  2010.06.14  13.46
singer search for eric stang project



  2010.06.13  01.35
new content up



  2010.06.09  01.00
posted my lolla picks. check it out





  2010.05.28  22.58

new content up in both columns


also www.examiner.com/x-1823-chicago-indie-music-examiner

expect lots of journaling this weekend with the trip


  2010.05.20  22.22

got video of your crazy tour adventures for any band? send me the links and i'll let ya star in your own adventure in the indie column or kh if it pertains to @killhannah. send me your vids!


  2010.05.18  18.01

new content up http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-1823-Chicago-Indie-Music-Examiner~y2010m5d18-How-not-to-get-robbed-on-tourThem-Crooked-VulturesLoose-Dudes-among-concerts-to-catch


  2010.05.13  12.03

new updates from kh tour



  2010.05.11  15.12
fav show memory, new content up



  2010.05.08  21.39

this cracked me up. makes sense though:



  2010.05.01  14.07

been lazy on the updates. promise something new soon.

be sure to check out all the new content i have up though, especially the fan reviews from the wake up the sleepers world tour



  2010.04.26  14.05

http://www.examiner.com/x-39116-Kill-Hannah-Examiner check out updates through out the tour


  2010.04.23  00.52



  2010.04.17  01.54
30stm sings happy bday to mat video



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